2021 General Election
 West Goshen Sample Ballots

If you vote anywhere EXCEPT the Chester County Government Service building, you are in School District Region 1. Your Democratic candidate is Joyce Chester! Link to sample ballot below:

If you vote at the Chester County Government Services building, you are in School District Region 3.  Your Democratic candidates are Carrie Stare and Laura Detre! Link to sample ballot below:

Ballot Questions and Write-Ins

There are five questions on the general election ballot regarding retention of existing PA judges. All of the judges up for retention are Republicans, so the recommendation of the West Goshen Democrats is to vote NO on all ballot questions.

Some precincts in West Goshen may have a Democratic candidate  for Judge of Election or Inspector and they are listed below (and can be found on the back of each ballot). There are no other recommended write-in candidates. Please remember to vote for the following candidates for the appropriate position IF you vote at the following locations.

Trinity Assembly of God (N-1) - John Young (Judge of Elections)

Fern Hill School (N-2) - Joseph Celia (Judge of Elections)

East High School (M-2) - Carol Gotthold (Judge of Elections)

West Chester 7th Day Adventist Church (S-1) - BJ Cooper (Inspector)