2021 Primary Election

 West Goshen Sample Ballots

If you vote anywhere EXCEPT the Chester County Government Service building, you are in School District Regio 1. Your Democratic candidate is Joyce Chester! Link to sample ballot below:

If you vote at the Chester County Government Services building, you are in School District Region 3.  Your Democratic candidates are Carrie Stare and Laura Detre! Link to sample ballot below:


There are FOUR questions on the primary ballot this year, two of which are partisan attempts by Republicans in the PA Assembly to limit the Governor's power to respond to emergencies.


In reality, all they do is limit access to funding for emergency response, so are another misguided attempt by Republicans to appease their base. WG Dems recommend NO votes on the first two questions.

The remaining two questions address updating the State Constitution ensure equal protection under law regardless of race/ethnicity (already a guaranteed right under Federal Law) and the other opens a funding mechanism for municipal emergency responders, both are recommended YES votes!