2022 Primary Election

2022 is an important year for elections in PA. Not only are the Governorship and US House seats up for election, but a once in a lifetime opportunity to FINALLY switch a US Senate seat from Red to Blue! With the retirement of current Senator Pat Toomey, Democrats have a chance to expand their majority in that legislative body.

West Goshen residents will also have an opportunity to elect one of our own, former West Goshen Township Supervisor and current County Recorder of Deeds Chris Pielli to be our PA State House Representative for the 156th District! Our township and county have benefitted from Chris' leadership, and we are excited to support him as he seeks to represent us in Harrisburg!

Finally, this election allows Democratic party members to select local and state committee people. Committee people are responsible for steering the local and state party platforms, as well as nominating and endorsing candidates to appear on ballots for the next 4 years. Often, the people who appear on the ballot at your precinct are the ones working each election to hand out literature, inform voters, complete fundraising, and work get-out-the-vote initiatives. Make sure to stop by the WG Dems table at your precinct to meet our local committee people!

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Chris Pielli for PA 156th

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Chris Pielli has built his career around public service starting with serving in the U.S. Army to his current service as Chester County Recorder of Deeds. He has worked as an attorney, a soldier, a teacher, a community advocate, and coordinator for homeless Veterans & at-risk youth, and more. Chris is a long-time resident of the West Chester area and graduated from East Sr. High School before attending Temple University and Temple University School of Law. He and his wife of 26 years are the proud parents of two grown children.  


While serving as a West Goshen Supervisor Chris helped pass fiscally responsible balanced budgets without deficits, a new comprehensive plan, and continually fought for pipeline safety.  


As Recorder of Deeds, Chris has improved and innovated the office and its operations in many ways. The office operated without interruption during the pandemic to continue providing much needed revenue to the County, local municipalities, and Chester County school districts. Through the work of this office during Chris' tenure, over $9 million was provided in net County revenue while cutting fees and costs. Chris and his team have lowered expenditures, increased Veteran outreach, modernized and implemented a new secure record storage system, and expanded free public access to land records at no additional costs.   


As your State Representative, Chris will defend our right to vote and expand access to the ballot box, protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the environment we all share, fight for access to affordable healthcare, including women’s reproductive care, work tirelessly for equal rights for all and fiscal policy that focuses on investing in better opportunities for everyone including the middle class, our friends in labor, small businesses, minorities, and ensuring ongoing access to opportunities for future generations by properly funding public education.