Let's Go Vote!

The General Election takes place on November 8th, 2022. The airwaves are being inundated with misleading attack ads (brought to you by unlimited campaign contributions thanks Citizens United) and the only way we can win is an active, engaged electorate voting in record numbers


Remember what is on the ballot this year. We are not only protecting the achievements made since the Biden Administration took office (infrastructure, climate issues, prescription drug costs, rebuilding NATO, and many, many more) but protecting some of the rights we hold most sacred. The right to vote. The right to make our own health care choices. The right to live free from fear of oppressive, hate-filled officials. The right to have rational, reasonable, and accountable government.

Chris Pielli for the 156th 

This election features a familiar face, our very own Chris Pielli as a candidate for the PA 156th House District! Make sure to check out his bio on our Candidates page.


The West Goshen Democrats include all of the committee people in our 10 precincts, and the countless donors and volunteers who are working diligently to turn West Goshen Township and Chester County BLUE.

Usually, we meet on the third Wednesday of each month at the West Goshen Township Building at 7 PM.  All Democrats are welcome to attend. Recently we have been conducting online meetings. If you are interested in attending, please click the button below or email admin@westgoshendems.org

We are growing stronger, and we welcome all suggestions, volunteers, and donations.

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