Trust in Government

I checked a Gallup poll and a poll from the Pew Research center and both of them indicated that Americans trust in government is at or near all time lows.  I don’t believe that shocks any American with a pulse.  But I do believe that it is very important to explore the reasons why this is true.

The question asked in the Gallup Poll was merely “How much of the time do you think you can trust the government in Washington to do what is right?”  Wow!  That is a simple elegant question.  Will your government do what is right?

All people have a sense of right and wrong.  This is a part of being human.  Yet nearly all Americans say that the government is not doing what is right.  Why would this be true?  Why would lawmakers work so hard to get elected to Congress, and then when they get there make wrong decisions?

Most Americans would probably answer that this is a direct result of partisanship in Washington.  The belief is that it isn’t the party I favor that is causing the problem, it is the other guy.

In my belief there is something more sinister and even more pervasive than partisanship which causes our Congress to not do the right thing.  Our Congress is not doing what is right for you, but what they do is right for some people.   These people have come to be called the “donor” class.

Right now I believe that we have the best government money can buy, but I want more than anything to have the best government that informed voters with eyes wide open can elect.  In my view we have become a nation ruled by a few at the top.  This is called a plutocracy.   We can, if we want, restore our democracy.

What must we do to restore our democracy?

We must view all of our politicians and their proposals through a new lens.  Do you want to privatize Social Security in order to help me or the “donor” class?  Do you want to invade Iran for me or for the “donor” class?  Do you want to repeal Obamacare for me or for the “donor” class?

When our eyes are wide open and our focus is clear, we will restore democracy and trust in government.

Nancy Lorback


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