A Letter to Trump Supporters

Dear Trump Voter,


I am a Clinton voter and I attended the Women’s March on Washington.  I have been thinking so much about the differences and similarities between Clinton voters and Trump voters.  I have come to believe that we have many more similarities than differences.  First of all, I am willing to bet that we agree with the slogan that James Carville popularized back in 1992, “It’s the Economy, Stupid”


I am also willing to bet that we agree with Bernie Sanders that the system is rigged against the little guy, in favor of the super wealthy and the corporations.  I’ll bet that we agree that no American should live without healthcare, and live with the worry of going bankrupt if he or a member of his family gets ill.  I’ll bet that we agree that over the last 40 years the cost of higher education has skyrocketed.  Many people starting out in their careers are saddled with enormous debt.  It was not always that way.


When I attended West Chester State College from 1964 to 1968, I paid $250 a year for tuition.  In 2017 dollars that is the equivalent of $1,952.50 a year for tuition.  Today’s students at West Chester University pay $9720 just for tuition.  Back in my day, the state paid more of the cost for education, we have gotten away from our commitment to affordable higher education, and today’s young people are the ones who suffer.  Do Trump voters agree that the cost of higher education is prohibitive, and that the state should subsidize it?


From 1967 until 2015 the median income for the top 5 % has risen from $35,000 to $350,000 this tenfold increase becomes only a twofold increase when you adjust for inflation.  The problem is that the bottom 40% has had no increase in median income from 1967 until 2015 when you adjust for inflation.  Do Trump voters agree that when we get “growth” in the economy it is not felt at the bottom?  Do Trump voters agree that ordinary Americans need a raise?  Do Trump voters agree that we must raise the federal minimum wage?


I personally believe that the most important problem facing America today is that we have depleted our middle class.  We must take steps to restore it.  Let’s give President Trump a chance to make healthcare and college more affordable.  Let’s give him a chance to make sure that Americans get a raise by raising the minimum wage.  And if we see no change in the plight of ordinary Americans, let’s hold him and the mainstream Republicans accountable.



Nancy Lorback